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Course Finder Animated Video

Course Finder is a user-friendly SAAS tool that helps students find the most appropriate college programs from a vast database of over 55,000 courses available in 750+ universities across 29 countries.

The video was very effective for our marketing requirements! Thanks to The Flo Studio!

Krishna Consultants & Overseas Education


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The Aim

Helping Students to Furthur their Careers

Krishna Consultants approached The Flo Studio to strategize and design an animated explainer video that showcases how the platform helped students select the correct master's course from a range of universities abroad.


The goal was simple. To visually showcase the problems faced by the students while searching for higher education courses and to give a taste of how the product functions and showcases it's benefits.


  • The project started off with an intensive, research and discovery sprint. This included everything from desk research, student interviews to data analysis.

  • We were able to conclude with a few clear pain points and user needs .

  • A well thought out script & storyboard was prepared for both the videos that was approved with minor revisions required. This is why our research is fairly important.

Concept Design

  • We knew from our early discussion that we needed to make a colourful video.The colour theory for the video was inspired by the Course Finder Logo

  • We have consistently used it across both the videos to maintain visual consistency.

Animation Process

  • Our primary focus was to create and launch both the videos a within 4 weeks; design and animation included. 

  • We make sure to keep the client looped in at every decision so there are no unexpected surprises. 

  • The entire process took place on 5 different software of Adobe Creative Cloud

The Process

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