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CoachVantage is a practice management software for coaches. It doesn't just automate your business. It empowers trainers and coaches to streamline  & grow their business by combining various tools under one easy-to-use roof! 


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To kick off the project, we sat with Glen to better understand what problem he was trying to solve, what his vision was. For us it's important to understand where the client sits ad how his vision will look. We're all different and have different ideas.

To better illustrate the problem sets we set out to solve, we went ahead and did some research. We put together a user story on the current situation of our target market. 


  1. What were the pain points? 

  2. What was the current process of solving it? 

  3. How does CoachVantage solve their specific problems?

Once the story line and the reference visuals were approved, I started the animation process. That’s where we found a balance between the confident color scheme with the lighter and more friendly iconography and illustrations. I sent Glen a rough cut of the video.Once we were both happy with the direction, I moved onto adding as much detail and magic to the creative. We delivered a horizontal version and a square version with the subtitles burned in! 



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