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Krishna Consultancy Pvt Ltd




Krishna Consultants approached The Flo Studio to strategize, design an animated explainer video that showcases how the platform helped students and their vendors. The goal was simple, we wanted to introduce a new experience for the customers to understand that was seamless, smart, and short.  My role was to lead the design and animation processes. 

Course Finder

Student Video

We created a video for students where we showcase to them how easy it is for students to find relevant courses from 750+ universities across the globe according to their preferences. We had to achieve this objective in a very colorful and attractive way. So we rated an avatar where we showcased his [primary pain points and how Course Finder solves them.

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Vendor Video

We created another video for "vendors" who were on the other side of the equation. In this version "Educational Consultants and Partners" who help students and guides them to the correct university were our primary viewers. This was to showcase how this tool will help them in guiding their students better.

Designed by The Flo Studio.

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