Why The Flo Studio is the educational video company you are looking for

Education is a subject near and dear to us here at Yum Yum, and we are always excited by an opportunity to help shape minds. After years of learning and refining our craft, we’ve come to understand precisely what makes these videos work, and that experience makes us an educational video company like no other.

We know that you are looking for pieces that do more than just deliver accurate info. You need videos with the right tone to capture your students’ interest. Videos that combine meaningful storytelling with dynamic visuals to bring your curriculums to life.

Why use Educational Videos?

And while hitting the right tone to engage someone on a personal level is not easy, a video built with care, passion, and creativity often succeed. Add to the equation the power of availability and scope – with content accessible across the world, at any time – and suddenly, your ability to onboard more students grows exponentially. That’s the sort of compounding benefits that the right educational video company brings to the table.

I’m really glad how this project turned out. The animation has been really impactful to our Facebook and YouTube ads. You were able to get this done in a short period of time and the quality of the work was outstanding.

Anthony Blando

Medicare Insurance Agent

Animated Videos for the Educational


Education is at the heart of building better tomorrows. It’s an investment in the future. We make material available, accessible, and appealing. These are built for -

  • Universities & Colleges

  • Educational Institutes

  • Online Masterclasses

  • Educational Coaches

  • Education Products


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