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Supercharge your marketing!

You’re moving a mile a minute – growing your development team, building awareness for your product or service, and are hyper-focused on increasing revenue and users. Creating a video shouldn’t bog you down, it should provide momentum to get you where you need to go.

Video is a great piece to any strategy.

An explainer video is an easy to tell your company’s unique selling point, while also helping convert website visitors into customers. 

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Skillful, creative, and responsive, The Flo Studio has the right kind of insight to create meaningful and eye-catching animations. Aditya worked very closely with us to come up with an excellent style and feel, and the entire process felt very engaging and involved. We're very happy with his services!   

Kim Larrson

CTO, Infomagine SE

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Animated Videos for Startups

You need to grow fast. Video will get you there.

See some of our startup video work

What makes a startup animated video effective?

— One clear, concise message

— Visually showcase your story
— A tone, appropriate to the audience;
— A focus on benefits rather than features;
— Explicit call-to-action;
— Two minutes or less in length.

What startups have you worked with?

We've worked with a variety of startups from across the globe. Here are a few Profitmetrics, LOKE Global, Nexweave, Profitmetrics, Incentivist, among many more.

How much does the typical healthcare video production cost?

Most of the higher-end healthcare animated videos we work on these days run in the $1500–$3000 range for animation. For a more accurate estimate,  let's chat.

How long it does it take?

Usually takes 3-4 weeks depending on style and complexity. With healthcare video production we find that having all the information up front and ensuring everyone’s on board is key to successful delivery.


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