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Nexweave brings together the power of content personalization and interactivity to turn your data and content into a Nexweave experience. With Nexweave, organizations can create millions of 1:1 personalized & interactive experiences for a variety of use cases such as customer acquisition, upselling, remarketing, employee training and so much more.


Social Media Marketing

We've designed a variety of social media templates for Nexweave to be used on various social media platforms. This includes some images as well as a video to be used in Instagram/Facebook/Linkedin Stories.

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Multiple Usage

We ended up making multiple versions of the video to make sure the video could be flexibly used across platforms and devices. We made a square version of the video with the subtitles burned in the lower half of the video which ensured that even for platforms without audio "Facebook wink" could be used flexibly. 

Designed by The Flo Studio.

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