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1. Brief Kickoff Call

We’ll stop at nothing to reach a deep understanding of your company’s goals, objectives, and Core Message. We’ll have you fill out our video needs assessment and schedule a Kickoff Call with you and your team. From there, we’ll immerse ourselves in your public-facing media, your internal assets, sales decks.

2. The Script

We craft a script that delivers the right message in a clear and compelling way based on your target audience and marketing goals. The key is to present the message in the simplest, most comprehensive manner to your target audience.

3. Concept

We craft the storyboard (which is similar to a comic book) that will showcase the main actions that will take place in the video and see how the video will play out. We work with extremely talented voice artists to bring our script to life as per the required language/accent. 

4. Animation

Here is where we bring the characters and graphic assets to life. We then proceed to add some background music and sound effects to make it perfect. We'll share it with you, It is time to make suggestions and comments on the outcome, so as we can perfect it.

5. Video is Ready

Let’s celebrate by grabbing a cup of coffee or maybe some wine. Why not? We deserve it after all! Publish the video backed by our FREE Video Strategy guide and start measuring your results.

6. Make it Visible

The next step is to get it in front of your target audience.  We can help you with the following

  • Video Rollout Strategy

  • Dedicated Video Hosting Solutions

  • Multiple Versions of the VIdeo ( Portrait, 1:1 )

  • Multiple Video languages ( Voiceovers, Subtitles )

  • Multiple Video CTAs (Call to Actions/Endings)

  • A/B Testing

Our Frustration

Free Process

We help you achieve amazing things with video. Here’s the behind-the-scenes breakdown of how our process works.

Smash your Goals!

Use explainer videos to get your users to download your app, sign up for a service, and have millions of engaged viewers on multiple devices, PCs, Mobiles, Tablets, Kiosks & so much more.

Timezone? No Worries!

Doesn’t matter which time zone you’re in– With dedicated teams working round the clock on every project, we’ll deliver no matter when you need your video.

Generate Buzz!

Explain your ideas in the blink of an eye. Transform plain product demos into engaging experiences & generate buzz on social media like never before.

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