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When to use an explainer video?

Explainer video works well during the Consideration (Evaluation) stage when your prospects are already looking for a solution to their problem.

However, the educational nature of explainers also makes them a powerful tool during the Discovery (Interest) stage, closer to the top of the funnel. That’s why they are often used on homepages, product/service pages, during tradeshows, and sales meetings.

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The creative was very good. Delivered everything as agreed upon. Look forward to working with Aditya for more client videos in the near future.

Brad Williams

CEO, Brag Digital

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Animated Videos for Software as a Service (SAAS)

Let your products shine!

How much does the typical SAAS video production cost?

Most of the higher-end animated videos we work on these days run in the $1500–$3000 range for animation. For a more accurate estimate,  let's chat.

How long it does it take?

Usually takes 3-4 weeks depending on style and complexity. With healthcare video production we find that having all the information up front and ensuring everyone’s on board is key to successful delivery.


How may SAAS products have you worked with?

We've worked with some of the upcoming SAAS companies. GarbleCloud, Infocepts, LOKE Global, Profitmetrics, Albacross, CoachVantage & so much more. We've been working with SAAS firms the longest. 

Qualities of a great explainer video

— One clear, concise message;
— A tone, appropriate to the audience;
— A focus on benefits rather than features;
— Explicit call-to-action;
— Two minutes or less in length.

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