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Our Explainer Video Pricing

Welcome to The Flo Studio, where we bring your brand to life through captivating animation. Choose the plan that suits your requirements and takes your SAAS product or digital startup to the next level.




60s Animated Explainer Video

Advanced Storytelling

Character Animation

Human Voiceover

Custom Graphics and Animation

2 Rounds of Revisions

Priority Delivery Time

Multiple Formats for Social Media



30s Animated Explainer Video

Basic Storyboarding

Human Voiceover

Product Showcase

High-Quality Animation

1 Round of Revisions

Standard Delivery Time



120s Animated Explainer Video

Personalized Story Development

Premium Graphics and Animation

3 Rounds of Revisions

Expedited Delivery Time

Dedicated Project Manager



Per month

Explainer Video
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Per month

App Video
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Per month

Video Series
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Per month

Interactive Video
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Additional Services

Multilingual Support

Reach a global audience with multilingual versions for an additional fee per language. Adapt your animated videos for different regions and cultures with customized translations.

Additional Voiceovers

Tailor your content to specific regions by incorporating native speakers. Show respect for local nuances, fostering a deeper connection with your international audience.

Interactive Animations

Create immersive and interactive animated experiences, such as clickable elements, quizzes, or navigation within the animation. This can be particularly effective for SAAS companies looking to engage their audience in a unique way.

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