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animated video series

Build your brand with multiple videos as part of a larger campaign or content strategy

Build your Audience

We view a business video series as a collection of informative videos created with the same end goal in mind. Traditionally three or more videos, they’re designed to have a universal appeal to customers and non-customers alike.

How do they benefit me?

A business video series offers a unique opportunity to connect with a wider audience, help them better understand complex topics within your industry, and encourage them to engage with your company. 

When should I plan a Video Series?

Often times, a video series is created after explainer (or sales) videos, testimonial videos, and other tutorial content has been well established.

It’s important to roll out your business video series through channels where you expect to see repeat traffic. That way, the series is consumed consistently by the same audience.

Help your prospects understand even the most complex ideas, with minimum effort. 

End-to-End Project Management

Transform entire web pages into 90-second videos that command your audience’s attention.

Condense & Engage

Animation can produce a fantastic amount of design collateral that can be used across your entire brand.

Scalable Content

Simplify your brand’s message

Image by Nicholas Ergemla

Aditya was great to work with, communicates well, and produced a great video that I am proud to present. I would definitely recommend his work.

Matt Khourey

CEO, Loke

 Aditya worked very closely with us to come up with an excellent style and feel, and the entire process felt very engaging and involved.

Kim Larrson

Co-Founder Infomagine AB

 The animation has been really impactful to our Facebook and YouTube ads. You were able to get this done in a short period of time and the quality of the work was outstanding.

Anthony Blando

Wisconsin Agency Owner

Our animation portfolio showcases some of our favourite and most recent projects.

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