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Top 3 Marketing Goals Video Will Help You Accomplish

Hey there! 🎥

So, picture this: you've got a fantastic product or service, but somehow, the world doesn't seem to know about it. From building brand awareness to turbocharging your sales engine, there's a whole universe of possibilities waiting for you. At The Flo Studio, we recently caught up with our clients and how they're using videos to make their businesses soar.

1. Building Brand Awareness 🚀

"I need to build brand awareness for our company and our product within our target audience."

Creating a buzz around your brand is a top-notch reason to dive into the world of video content. Our State of Video Marketing survey revealed that brand recognition is a common puzzle businesses are solving with video marketing. And why not? Videos captivate audiences, convey messages with a punch, and are in high demand on social media. Did you know 88% of people want more videos from brands in 2024? That's a whole lot of eyeballs waiting for your story!

2. Showing Products in Action 🎬

"I want to show my user how my product works and how its features solve their problem."

Seeing is believing, right? Showcasing your product in action through video is a game-changer. It's like giving your audience a front-row seat to the magic your product can do. According to our State of Video Marketing report, 30% of marketers are on a mission for customer acquisition, and videos are their secret weapon.

Check out the slick overview video we whipped up for NExweave where we show the backend and the front end which is experienced by our client's customers.

3. Customer Education 🎓

"I want to be a thought leader in the field and educate our users first."

Ever felt like your product is so awesome, but people just need a little nudge to get it? Enter educational videos! They break down even the trickiest concepts into bite-sized, digestible content. In our 2022 State of Video Marketing report, 24% of marketers said videos help them conquer the Everest of product experience and knowledge.

Check out our GarbleCloud walkthrough video – turning complex into crystal clear! 👩‍🏫

Bonus Tip

4. Entering a New Market 🌎

"I want to take our existing product and enter a new market."

Stepping into new territories can be daunting, but videos make it a walk in the park. A power-packed video campaign helps you introduce yourself, tell your story, and make a splash. Brand videos shout, "Hey, world, this is who we are!" while product videos spill the beans on what makes your offering a game-changer.

COurseFinder made a product for students and made another version for their vendors to help their students find the right course for themselves. Here's how they entered that market!


Crafting Videos can be very challenging and intimidating. We’re here to help. Efficient. Simple. Collaborative. From the brief to the beginning of video scripting, that’s how it feels to work with us.

Drop us a line about your potential video project and experience it for yourself!

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